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What are Rude Balloons?

Rude Abusive Birthday Party Balloons Funny Hilarious Crazy Novelty Badass Novelty Brutal Offensive Inappropriate For Adults Guaranteed To Deflate Happy Fucking Whatever

Why use our one-of-a-kind balloons?

My balloons were an absolute hit and went along perfectly with the other decorations I purchased. I took them to my local grocery store and had them inflated with helium. They stayed infalted more than enough time and the price was right. Very pleased!

Lesa Webber

Made my sister and everyone who saw them laugh! I took them to a balloon shop to get them filled and everyone asked where I got them!

Priscilla G.

These balloons were a huge hit for an 18th birthday party. The sarcastic comments were well printed (no peeling or cracking when blown up) we even got some of them filled with helium and they floated well for about 72 hours before dipping a bit. I intentially saved some for my next part because these were just great.

Samantha C.